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Halpert Construction is a full-service and licensed contractor specializing in window and door replacement for your home or office. We have been serving the San Diego community for years. We are dedicated to providing high quality and competitively-priced window and door products and great customer service. With rising energy costs, the need for replacement windows and doors has increased and Halpert Construction carries a full line of wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows as well as entry doors, bi-fold doors, sliding patio doors, and French doors to fit every style and budget. If you’re looking for a reliable door and window installer in San Diego, we are here to answer your questions.

What should you look for when evaluating if it’s time to replace your windows?

Four Signs That It Is Time For Window Replacement:


If the wooden frame seems old and a screwdriver can sink easily into it, then it likely needs replacing. A damp environment can be especially hard on many types of older all-wood or wood-based frames. Luckily in San Diego we don’t have this problem. However, age of the wood and other weather conditions can have a negative impact on the health of the wooden window frames.


Windows are not able to be an effective insulating device if there are visible gaps between the window pane and sealant or frame, or if the glass shows any kind of damage including cracks, holes or chips. Fog or moisture build-up inside the windows glass panels is evidence of the glass being compromised and the need for window replacement.


On average, a home may lose up to 30% of its heat or A/C energy through the windows. If you notice your utility bills are unusually high, your windows could be to blame. Call Halpert Construction today for a free window energy assessment.


Broken & Old windows can pose as a security hazard for your home, as well as further damage the existing window. Repairing or restoring old windows is almost always an option, but not always worth the time and expense. Call Halpert Construction today for your free quote on window restoration or complete replacement.


Halpert Construction offers a myriad of replacement windows products and services:

  • Vinyl Windows Bow Windows
  • Wood Windows Sound Proof Window Products
  • Fiberglass Windows Triple Pane Windows
  • Aluminum Windows double hung windows
  • Composite Windows single hung windows
  • Aluminum Clad Windows Awning Windows
  • Vinyl Clad Windows Casement Windows
  • Fiberglass Clad Windows Picture Windows
  • Bay Windows Sliding Windows
  • Garden Windows

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Door Installation Experts

Halpert Construction is your local expert for all of your Door Replacement and Door Installation needs. Have you noticed drafts throughout your home or cold spots throughout the house? Replacing old worn out doors can make your home more comfortable for your entire family as well as help you save on energy costs. We can install a variety of doors to fit any budget and style. Whether you are looking to replace your Front Entry Door, Sliding Doors, French Doors or Bi-Fold Doors, We can help! Give us a call today at 619-804-9680 for a free door installation estimate.